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What are Crowded Places?

Crowded Places are everywhere we go.

They are the high street and the shopping centre, the station platform and the bus queue, the busy cinema and the sold-out venue.

They are the public places we use; the public spaces we enjoy. They are the fabric of our everyday lives.

But Crowded Places are also where we are at our most vulnerable to attack or emergencies. 

Crowds and public places are very difficult to protect and if tragedy or danger strikes, it can often mean mass casualties, major damage as well as widespread panic and fear. There is a loss of control, communication and containment.

To the terrorist, seeking to make an impact, damage and destroy, there are no better targets.

To the first-responders, seeking to manage the scene, there is no greater challenge.

To the wider public, seeking a life free from harm, there is no greater need.

Protecting our Crowded Places from attack is at the heart of the national and the public interest.